The Salmon For All Organization

John Grocott - Salmon For All member

For the past four decades, our mission has remained constant.

  • We are committed to providing ongoing education concerning the public harvest of Columbia River salmon.
  • We advocate actively in legislative and fisheries deliberations.
  • We work to ensure the health of the Columbia River and support its responsible use by Treaty Native nations, industry and recreational users.

Salmon for All is an association of gillnetters, fish buyers, processors, and associated businesses. Today’s Columbia River gillnet fishery provides salmon and┬ásturgeon for fresh markets as well as a small canning industry focused on specialty products such as smoked fish.

Each gillnet fisherman is an independent business owner. Many are members of families who have fished commercially on the Columbia River for four or five generations.

Currently, more than two-thirds of licensed Columbia River gillnetters live in four lower-river counties: Wahkiakum, Pacific and Grays Harbor in Washington, and Clatsop County in Oregon. The remainder live along the river, or in scattered locales throughout the two states and Alaska.

Commercial salmon-fishing businesses depend on a Columbia River gillnet permit, plus a portfolio of other permits from several states, including Oregon and Washington shrimp, crab, razor clam, troll, and numerous Alaska permits. The money from these other endeavors returns to the Columbia River region to support local families and communities.