Rep. McCune’s Kitzhaber Plan Rebuttal

December 27th, 2012

Washington State Representative Jim McCune is a Copper River permit holder who has written a powerful letter of rebuttal to the Kitzhaber Plan to phase gillnets off the Columbia River main stem and into “enhanced” off-channel fishing sites within the next three years.  The plan, adopted by the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission at its December 7 meeting, is now up for consideration by the full Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission at its January 11 & 12, 2013 meeting.

Representative McCune requests that Columbia River commercial fishing families write to their respective state legislators in both states to let them know what the value of the Columbia River gillnet fishery is to them.

Representative McCune’s letter to the Washington legislature along with supporting analytic documents from Washington commercial adviser Robert Sudar are appended as PDF files. Representative McCune’s letter and the Columbia River Salmon Harvest Presentation by Robert Sudar are both relatively large files, at 445 KB and 996 KB respectively.

2012–Commercial and Sports Fishing-Oregon Plan rebuttal

Columbia River Salmon Harvest Presentation

The Value of Spring Chinook Transfer from Commercial to Sport

Conservation in Columbia Salmon Harvest

Selectivity Ratios of Sport and Commercial Columbia River Fisheries

Value of Spring Chinook Sales in April, 2011


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