SFA to be at Pacific Marine Expo 2011

October 27th, 2011





Salmon For All will have an exhibitor’s booth at Pacific Marine Expo 2011 to distribute information regarding the proposed Oregon Columbia River gillnet ban sponsored by the Northwest chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). The CCA, originally founded by Texas oilmen in the mid 1970s, has led campaigns to eliminate commercial fisheries across the Gulf Coast, and in areas along the East Coast and Great Lake states. Invited to establish chapters in the Pacific Northwest several years ago, the CCA began a campaign to eliminate the Columbia River commercial gillnet fishery as the first step in what is deceitfully portrayed as “harvest reform.” The Oregon chapter of the CCA now has an initiative petition on file with Oregon’s Secretary of State. The Attorney General’s certified ballot title for the initiative petition is now before the Oregon Supreme Court. Two additional prospective CCA initiative petitions are waiting in the wing, which is a good indication that things are not going well for the first one.

Salmon For All orginally was founded more than fifty years ago to fight misguided efforts by sport fishing interests to ban the Columbia River non-Indian commercial fishery. Five decades later, we’re still fighting the good fight, protecting our fishermen’s jobs, and safeguarding consumers’ access to healthful and delicious Columbia river salmon products.

Pacific Marine Expo has a special invitation for Salmon For All members,  posted below as a PDF file.

PME Association Invitation, Salmon For All

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