Fall Fact Sheet No. 9 & Compact Action

September 29th, 2016

The Columbia River Compact convened by teleconference on Thursday, September 29, 2016 to consider Treaty Tribal and non-Indian mainstem and Select Area fisheries during the late fall management period. The recent downgrade in several fall run components reduce the allowable catch for each of the fisheries. Management actions and recommendations reflect those changes.

The primary concern for the non-Indian Select Area commercial fisheries is that Big Creek hatchery has not been able to meet its broodstock needs for tule fall Chinook. Coho may not meet broodstock needs for Big Creek hatchery as well. Consequently, the previously scheduled fisheries remaining in the Knappa Slough Select Area are to be rescinded.

Fall Fact Sheet No. 9 is appended in the form of a PDF file. The subsequent Compact Action Notice is posted once as well.

Fall Fact Sheet No. 9

160929 Compact Action Notice

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