Fall Fact Sheet No. 3 & Compact Action

August 16th, 2016

The Columbia River Compact convened by teleconference at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August  16, 2016 to consider mainstem seine fisheries in the lower Columbia River. A total of four seine permits have been issued for the 2016 season, two each for purse and beach seine permits.

Fall Fact Sheet No. 3 reviews preseason forecast for fall Chinook, coho, and steelhead stocks. The US v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met on Monday, August 15 to review stock status. TAC downgraded the summer steelhead run for Group A stock steelhead. Group B fish enter the river later during the season, beginning toward the end of August.

As stated in Fall Fact Sheet No. 3, the purpose for pursuing limited seine fisheries again in 2016 is to collect missing data sets concerning stock composition in commercial fishing Zones 1-3, and to determine steelhead-to-Chinook handle ratios by gear. This flies in the face of the purpose for a commercial fishery, which is to catch fish and make money. Previous experimental seine fisheries have been money-losers for fishermen who fished those seine permits.

Fall Fact Sheet No. 3 is appended in the form of a PDF file. The subsequent Compact Action Notice is posted as well.

Fall Fact Sheet No. 3

160816 Compact Action Notice

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