Summer Factsheet 1 & Compact Action

June 14th, 2017

The Columbia River Compact convened by teleconference at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 to consider treaty Indian commercial fisheries in Zone 6 during the summer management season, non-Indian recreational fisheries for white sturgeon, and the non-Indian commercial fishery in the Select Area Fishery Enhancement program terminal fisheries in the lower Columbia River estuary. Summer Fact Sheet No. 1a covers the Treaty Tribal fisheries, while Fact Sheet No. 1b covers the non-Indian fisheries. Summer Fact Sheet No. 1b is considered here.

For the commercial fishery in the Select Areas, landings have remained strong in the Select Areas, and the fish being harvested are primarily of Select Area origin. The staff recommendations are to extend the fisheries in Blind Slough/Knappa Slough Select Areas, as well as the Tongue Pt./South Channel Select Areas, in addition to the Youngs Bay Select Area. Since white sturgeon retention has been reinstated for 2017, the retention of white sturgeon in the Select Area fisheries will be available for harvest.

Summer Fact Sheet No. 1b is appended in the form of a PDF. The subsequent Compact Action Notice is posted as well.

Summer Fact Sheet No. 1b

170614 Compact_Joint State Action Notice

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