Summer Factsheet 3 & Compact Action

June 30th, 2016

The Columbia River Compact convened by teleconference at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 30, 2016 to consider additional fishing periods for the Treaty Tribal commercial fishery in Zone 6 above Bonneville Dam, and the non-Indian commercial fisheries in Blind Slough/Knappa Slough and Tongue Pt./South Channel Select Areas. The treaty Indian fishery targets summer Chinook and sockeye salmon and summer steelhead. The Select Area commercial fisheries target late returning hatchery spring Chinook in the lower river near Astoria, Oregon.

The US v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met on June 27 and updated the sockeye run to 400,000 fish at the Columbia River mouth. That is nearly four times as large as the preseason forecast. As of June 29, 276,491 sockeye had passed over Bonneville Dam. TAC expects to update the summer Chinook run size, which is tracking closely to the preseason forecast, on Tuesday, July 5.

Landings by non-Indian gillnetters in the two Select Areas have remained good, with all indications that the fish being harvested are lower river hatchery fish, primarily of Select Area origin. Interest in the fishery continues and the price remains high .

Summer Fact Sheets No. 3a and 3b are appended in the form of PDF files. The subsequent Compact Action Notice is posted as well.

Summer Fact Sheet No. 3a

Summer Fact Sheet No. 3b

160630 Compact Action Notice

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