Rob Sudar Analyses of Kitzhaber Plan

February 12th, 2013

For those who are looking for clear thinking analyses of Governor’s Kitzhaber’s radical reallocation scheme, the presentations prepared by Robert Sudar, a fish buyer and marketer from Longview, Washington, should prove most enlightening. Robert has a brilliant analytic mind. As an engineer who majored in statistics as an undergraduate, he has an ability to make sense of complex numerical data, and present that data in easily understandable graphic format.

Robert was one of two Washington commercial advisers during the Columbia River Fishery Management Workgroup process in the fall of 2012. He valiantly tried to make it clear that the Kitzhaber plan would not work. The problem was that none of the six Fish & Wildlife Commissioners were listening.  As Oregon Senator Betsy Johnson put it, it’s hard to get justice when the Governor has his thumb on the scale.

All the information presented by Robert in his analyses is based on ODFW & WDFW data. Most of the slides were vetted by staff before sharing them with the Workgroup – not that it did much good. The process was rigged from the start.

In breaking news, on Monday, February 11, 2013 the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a stay, suspending the rulemaking changes adopted by the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission on December 7, 2012 pending judicial review. The Court stated that the plaintiffs, Salmon For all President Jim Wells and Steve Fick of Fishhawk Fisheries, had presented a prima facie case that they would prevail in court on the preponderance of the evidence. The Kitzhaber plan has been placed on hold.

Robert Sudar’s analyses are appended below in the form of PDF files.

Columbia River Salmon Harvest Presentation, 11-17

Conservation in Columbia Salmon Harvest

Economic answer response to Rick Hargraves of ODF&W


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